Let’s Cuddle Up, Illustrated.

National Cuddle Up Day, In Drawings

It’s National Cuddle Up Day today and I’ve updated one of my Best Nine illustrations of 2020 with this day in mind.
The Dutch weather is perfect for cuddling up under a blanket at the moment, it’s so cold! So, put on something warm & comfy (2020 has been the year I embraced sweatpants!) and cuddle up. If you don’t have anyone to cuddle with, remember that plant love is also real love. I REALLY love my plants, so who’s to say that my plants don’t also really love me?? I choose to believe they do, haha. Oh, and also: real cuddles will be making a comeback soon!⁠ Have a nice day!⁠

If this drawing is giving you all sorts of happy and cozy feelings, I have a very similar illustration available on a postcard on Etsy.

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Take Care, Stay Safe!

2020 Take Care Corona Update3 Mangomini

Self Care Practise Ideas During Lockdown

Third week of being stuck at home. I hope you are all doing OK. Take good care and stay safe! ⁠♥♥♥♥  This is a drawing of what I try to do as a self care routine, slightly updated for the current Covid situation.

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Take a look at my mental health plan version. I also have that one available on a postcard on Etsy.

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