How to pack for a day at the beach

For this week’s illustrated how-to for Hello Giggles I drew all the things I need for a perfect day at the beach. Now all I need is some free time and some sunshine, and I’m ready to hit the beach!

How to dress in Scandinavian style

 This week’s illustrated how-to for Hello Giggles is all about Scandinavian /minimalistic fashion.

First festival this year..

Liberation Day Festival 2014-Mangomini

This is what I wore on the 5th of May to the Liberation Day Festival. It was my first music festival this year and I wore one of my favorite vintage dresses. I just LOVE polka dots!



Feels like autumn again..

Feels like autumn again-MangominiIt has been so cold and wet the last couple of days that it feels like autumn again. I’ve even been forced back into socks and boots (which I had planned not to wear again until fall). But, if the weather reports are right, tomorrow will be sunny again…yay!

My summer holiday wardrobe

On this week’s illustrated how-to for Hello Giggles, I show you how I pack light for my summer holiday wardrobe. These are the things that I wear over and over again. I wish I could wear them right now, but unfortunately I’m not on holiday and it is raining outside..

How to give your wardrobe a summer update (for Hello Giggles)

For this week’s illustrated how-to for Hello Giggles I’ve collected some of the latest summer fashion trends that I’ve spotted on blogs and in fashion magazines. I personally love pinafore dresses and Aztec prints. I won’t be sporting the “stiletto” nails 😉