Hello May?

Hello May! (At least I think it’s May, it’s hard to tell these days 🤔) A new month still means a new calendar page. Again, just a slightly updated version. I had the adjust the summer plans on here a little bit. I hope this month will bring us some good news!⁠ Stay safe⁠ 💚


Get Ready For Spring!

I’m so happy the days are getting longer again and it’s starting to feel a little like spring already!

This is an updated version of an older illustration that I made a few years ago. I now have it available on a postcard in my Etsy shop.  It’s filled with ideas on how to prepare for spring in the most positive way. Pin it to your wall as spring inspiration or send it to a friend who’s also longing for spring to start.

Hello May!

Hello May Mangomini

Hello May! A new month means time to turn to a new calendar page. This is my May illustration from my 2019 wall calendar.⁣

Cute gardening style!

In this week’s illustrated how-to for Hello Giggles I’ve collected everything you might need if you want to garden and look cute at the same time. A special thank you to Marcia from ToutouRouge for suggesting this week’s topic!