Hello May?

Hello May! (At least I think it’s May, it’s hard to tell these days 🤔) A new month still means a new calendar page. Again, just a slightly updated version. I had the adjust the summer plans on here a little bit. I hope this month will bring us some good news!⁠ Stay safe⁠ 💚


Plant Lady Skills

Since I’m becoming more and more of a plant lady, I’ve been trying to  improve my “keeping-my-plants-alive” skills. My two favorite places for plant tips are Mama Botanica and Planterina. I’ve learned a lot about plant care from watching their videos on YouTube. For example: I had no idea I had to clean my plants! I also loved the tip about turning your plants a little bit (if possible) when you water them, to keep them growing nice and full.⁠
I’m still not an expert by far, but I did put my basic plant care skills into this drawing. Other houseplant tips are welcome of course! ⁠

February, So Far.

Illustrated recap of my February so far. As you can see, I have spring, and spring fashion & colors on my mind, but in reality I’m mostly sticking to my trusty work uniform of blue jeans and black sweaters. I’m also becoming more and more of a plant lady and am currently trying to make sooooo many plant babies. (Let’s hope some of them survive!) In between illustration jobs I’m working on several home improvement projects. Stripping off old wallpaper and painting walls, to name a few.

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Couples “Portrait”

This is a custom couples “portrait” commission that I made for Annabel and Coen, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I was very happy to do it, because, as you can see, they have a very cute & cozy style!⠀