Happy King’s Day!

On This Dutch National Holiday We All Wear Orange!

Happy King’s day! Today we Dutchies celebrate our King’s birthday. For the second year the celebrations  will be a little different, meaning a lot less. Normally we would be celebrating together all day, preferably outside, and everyone would be wearing orange and eating orange snacks. And  the celebrating would already start the night before during King’s night. Hopefully next year we will be back to ‘normal’.

My Nederland illustration above, is filled with typical Dutch things.  We may be a small country but there’s still a lot to love here and it’s usually very ‘gezellig’.

For my non-Dutch followers, some of the typical Dutch foods on here are (from top to bottom): hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles to eat on your bread, usually for breakfast), stroopwafel (waffle filled with caramel syrup), patatje met (French fries with mayonnaise), tompoes (a very sweet pastry) and drop (salty liquorice).

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