February Sun!

I was working on several wintery illustrations and then it was suddenly spring! One of the things I love about freelance life is that I can be flexible with my hours. So today, to fully take advantage of the sunny weather, I took half the day off for a long hike and a sunset picnic. I do have to work late now, but since we have an evening clock at the moment, I don’t mind so much.⁠🥖🍷

The illustration above is a recap of my day, as part of my ongoing illustrated fashion diary/what I wore series. When I do these I always like to look back at the same time from the previous year. Here‘s and example from February last year.

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Hello February!

A new month still means a new calendar page, even though this one will probably stay pretty empty since we’re still in lockdown here. I guess I could start marking what I watched on Netflix on it…🤔 But, hopefully by the end of this month things will have changed for the better and I can finally start filling up this calendar. In the meantime I will just make the best of it and enjoy a lot of chilling at home time.💚Do you have exciting plans for February or are you also still stuck at home?⁠

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