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I’m an illustrator who grew up, and still lives in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember.

I went to art school where I studied illustrative design, focusing on children’s book illustrations and interning with Philip Hopman and Joke van Leeuwen.

After graduating I started working in fashion. First as a visual merchandiser and later opening up my own boutique of sustainable and fair trade clothing. But I soon realised that selling clothes was not my real passion, I liked drawing them much more. During my time as a shop owner I started my Mangomini blog where at first I posted mainly drawings of what I wore.

These days I still likes to draw pictures of what I wore, but mostly works freelance for a variety of international clients. I’m also a regular contributor at Hello Giggles (the popular website for girls, founded by Zooey Deschanel) and sells my own collection of paper-goods, including cards, prints and calendars.

My work is playful, light-hearted and colourful and is designed with one goal: to put a smile on your face. All my illustrations are hand drawn, using a mix of materials, including ink, gouache and watercolour. I care deeply about the environment, that’s why all my illustrations are made on recycled paper and I use only water-based paints.

When I’m not drawing things I like to spend my time making lists and plans, travelling, hiking, taking care of my growing houseplant collection, drinking wine with friends and eating chocolate.

“Mangomini” is a nickname that got out of hand and is now unstoppable.

All drawings ©copyright Cindy Mangomini, unless otherwise credited.

If you want to repost/share my work: please always clearly credit me (with link back to me), do not edit anything and if you’re a company: please ask permission first. Thank you x

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