4 thoughts on “How to dress like Alexa Chung”

  1. Reblogged this on Blanket Fort Adventures and commented:
    I love Mangomini’s illustrations. They are all spot on and delightful. Just had to reblog this one, as Alex Chung has been a girl crush of mine (and many) since I Googled her after coming across MTV’s It’s ON with Alex Chung back 2009. Her whit and charm just hypnotized me, and now I patiently await reading her book. Which could be incredibly dull, but I’ll still love anyways…cause I’m a little brainwashed like that.

  2. LOVE it! your illustrations are so pretty and have a lot of details.And I love Alexa!xxx
    P.S. I have to apologize of my English skill.Maybe you confuse what I really mean just know I really love your illustrations!♥

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