What I Wore, Then & Now, Part 2.

What I Wore (In Drawings) And How I Wear It Now. Part 2.

I thought it would be fun to take and older What I Wore drawing, and update it to how I wear it now. Because, believe it or not, I still own many of the pieces I drew years ago. (They were  favorites then for a reason.)

So above is the updated version of the illustration for the May page on my birthday calendar. I replaced the white embroidered top with a black embroidered blouse. I mostly wear black tops now, because I think it looks better with my chestnut hair (almost ginger really). The sunglasses broke, so I replaces them. Everything else I still use and wear, including one of my favorite vintage straw bags that I love for picnics. The clogs I actually never owned but still love and would like to wear.😉⁠

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