Support Small & Local

Here are some ways to support your favorite (local) small businesses, so that they’ll still be around by the time everything goes back to “normal”. ⁠
See if you can order online, if they deliver or have a take-out option. You can also buy a gift card to spend later.  Let them know that you care!⁠ 💚

Artists like me are also small business owners and we need your support as well. Selling my cards in shops is one of my main sources of income. Since most shops are now closed, that means no new card orders. Luckily my Etsy shop is still open as usual and one of the easiest way to support me right now is to place a small (or big!) order. I’ve also installed a donations button on my home page.

Also, if you want to share an artist’s work online: always clearly credit and never edit, and if you’re a company: ask permission first. Thank you! Stay healthy and take care!

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