February Favourites, Illustrated.

What I Wore Most This February, In Drawings

Because it’s #meetthemaker month here is another entry for my hand drawn illustrated fashion diary, where I draw my personal fashion, food and overall favourites.

It was hard to sum up my February favourites in one drawing because we went from freezing cold and snow, to super sunny spring weather, back to freezing cold again the whole month. I’m not complaining because I loved the snow and I definitely enjoyed the first warm days. Kayak season is open! Picnic season as well, although that’s open all year for me. I also did a few more cold water dips in the river, Wim Hof style, and plan to do many more.

For this illustration I chose my “in between weather” favourites: Levi’s ribcage jeans, a cute bohemian shirt and my Ugg boots, that are perfect for quickly getting my feet warm after being in the cold water. Plus one of my favourite vintage bags and my favourite face mask.

I could also have included my mittens, beanie hat, bikini and sandals, because I also wore all of those several times last month. You might see them in a March recap. 😉

As you can tell, despite the lockdown and evening clock, I had a lot of fun in nature. In, on and near the water and picnicking and hiking. I hope March will bring more of the same.

Wishing you a happy & healthy month as well!⁠💚

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