Hej! Scandinavian Style, Illustrated.

Scandinavian Winter Style, In Drawings.

Scandinavian-winter-style-inspired illustration, because French style is not the only style I’m obsessed with.ā .

I love the simple, practical yet elegant fashion that Scandinavians are known for. They really know how to dress well for the cold. I often think of their famous saying: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes” when I feel like staying inside because of bad weather. It really motivates me to go outside anyway.

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Scandinavian winter

Scandinavian Winter-Lagom-Mangomini

This week’s illustration for Hello Giggles was inspired by the book Lagom by Linnea Dunne, about the secrets of the Swedish art of balanced living. “Lagom” doesn’t really translate, but means something like “not to0 little, not too much, just right”. I really loved reading this book full of nice tips and recipes, all in Scandinavian style (which I LOVE).

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