Are You A Tea Or A Coffee Person?

Hand drawn color illustrations of hot drinks, including coffee and tea.

What Gets You Energized On Mondays?

Happy Monday! Which one of these illustrated energizing drinks do you use to start your week full of energy? In other words, what is your Monday fuel? Is it on here? I’m a big tea lover. I drink tea every day, all day, green, white or herbal. Sometimes I will have a “baby coffee” (lots of milk and sugar) but it’s rare. Today I had a mix of latte macchiato, tea and a Coke and still I feel only half awake!😳 Not my most productive day ever… oh well.

If you’re a coffee lover, or a tea lover like me, you’re in luck, because I have several coffee- and tea-themed items available in my Etsy shop, including the coffee themed postcard below. You can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for regular updates.

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