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New in my Etsy shop: Less stuff, more adventure postcard!

Are you inspired by the minimalism movement, dream of living in a tiny house, travelling more or obsessed with Marie Kondo? I’ve been trying to live a more minimalistic life, reduce my waste and focus more on experiences rather than on things. So less stuff and more adventures. Isn’t buying this card also buying more stuff? Well, in a way yes, but I keep it on my wall to remind myself of this goal and it helps me to stay focussed and motivated, maybe it can do the same for you 😉

Back To The 90’s! Illustrated 90’s Fashion.

Typical 90’s Grunge Fashion, In Drawings.

This week’s illustrated how-to for Hello Giggles show you what you need to master the 90’s grunge trend. Think nineties florals, maxi length skirts and dresses, Doc Martens boots, Band tees and big eyebrows.

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