Happy Earth Day!

Low waste swaps 1 2 3 4 combined Mangomini

Happy Earth Day! Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. That’s why I’m sharing another update about my journey towards low waste living, in illustrated form, of course. These are changes that I’ve personally made over the last few years to reduce my waste, especially plastic. It’s still not perfect by far but we all have to start somewhere. If everyone tries a little, together we can accomplish a lot!ā 
It also doesn’t have to be expensive. I actually buy much less now. I’m using up all old products and replacing only what I need. When I do decide to buy something I try to find high quality products that are eco-friendly and/or fair-trade, that I can really enjoy for a long time. I also love to shop vintage. ā 
What are you doing to reduce your waste? New ideas are always welcome! Stay safe, stay positive and go green! šŸ’š


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