Expectations vs Reality: French Holiday Style.

French Holiday Style And Adventures! In Drawings, Of Course.

Above an illustrated recap of my recent trip to Northern France. Below you can see the (very stylish and sunny) picture I had in my mind before going. Here now, is the more realistic “after” version. The weather was pretty bad (no bikini needed) and the trip certainly had some challenges (including being stranded hours away from our apartment at night, and no taxi willing to pick us up) but the bread, wine and cheeses were so delicious it made up for a lot and almost made us forget about the rain!⁠


Above you can see how I envisioned my French Holiday style. In reality no bikini or aftersun was needed. Raincoat instead.

More Expectations:

We hand planned to be in the water a lot and to try Stand Up Paddling.  In reality: zero time spend in the sea because of the bad weather.

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