A touch of vintage

What I wore by Mangomini

My plan is  to start taking lots of pictures again with my old Yashica camera s0 today I finally got some new black and white film. I also wore the new vintage bag that I found yesterday while vintage shopping with a friend.

4 thoughts on “A touch of vintage”

  1. Love Love Love all your amazing illustrations!

    As you asked in Hello Giggles, I would love to see Spain on the list: from polka dots and ruffles matched with Pretty Ballerinas to white beachy lace and cotton dresses with Castañer espadrilles. Iconic Loewe’s Amazona bag or summery straw bags. Oranges, gazpacho, olives, tapas… I’d love to see them gathered from your point of view! 🙂
    Thanks for reading and go on with the good job, you are an artist and make the cutest drawings!

  2. Hello!
    I had a question about how you do your illustrations. I can tell a lot of them are pencil, but do you ever use watercolor? Some of your pictures appear to be watercolor, but I can’t tell. You might just be amazing with colored pencils! Let me know, they are amazing illustrations.

  3. Thank you so much! I will keep Spain in mind for one of the next how-tos, with all those suggestions you make it very easy for me 🙂 Thanks for following my work!!

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