Festival Style Must-Haves, In Drawings.

How to get festival season ready 2016 update - Cindy Mangomini

Festival Fashion Essentials For 2016, Illustrated.

Summer means festival season and these are my festival must-haves. This is an updated version of an illustrated how-to that I did for Hello Giggles in 2014. I’ve made it a little bit more ‘2016’.

As a regular festival-goer (In Europe) I recommend as absolute essentials: layering for when it gets colder in the evening, comfortable shoes or boots, SPF, dry shampoo, all-in-one wipes and a small rain poncho. If you have these basics covered you can go crazy with your festival accessories!

In The  Mood For More Illustrated Festival Fashion Inspiration?

Take a look here for Festival Style 2019 or 2017 version. You can clearly see the changes but also that some are just festival classics that stay the same.

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Dreaming of Summer

2016 Dreaming of summer - Cindy Mangomini

I’m longing for summer and this is what I want to be wearing to a lovely picnic in the park. But, no such luck with the Dutch spring. It’s more wool sweaters, extra socks and staying inside to escape the rain, wind and even snow! Luckily, I can always draw a sunny scene!